In today’s society, we consider men and women to be equal. Yet, on average, men still get paid more in the field than women. In the status quo, women who work year round typically make only 78 percent of what their male coworkers make. This creates a wage gap of 22 cents on the dollar.

One reason for this drastic difference in pay is that women are concentrated in low wage jobs. Nearly two thirds of the minimum wage workers are women. Raising the minimum wage would not only close this gap by increasing wages for minimum wage workers, but also increase equality in our society.

Another issue with the current minimum wage is that women of color have an even larger wage gap. African-American women only make 64 cents and Hispanic women only 56 cents to the dollar of their male counterparts. Raising the minimum wage would help alleviate this because it would narrow the range of wages paid to workers in our economy, thus narrowing the wage gap by a tremendous amount. This would be even more beneficial to women of color because they experience a wider wage gap compared to everyone else.

Raising the minimum wage not only helps our economy, but also our citizens. It proves that we have the power to create gender equality in our world. Raising the minimum wage is an important step towards fair pay of women.


Puja Batchu is a student at Centennial High School.