For many liberals and conservatives, the national election was a disappointment. Many citizens who voted for Trump may not be happy; Trump was not their first choice (or second). However, the key idea from this election is not that your vote doesn’t matter or that we’re forced to settle for something we don’t want. The key idea is to keep moving forward and becoming civically involved.

I myself felt disheartened after the election. Who wants to keep working in a game they’re losing? But that’s not what local politics is about. Representative Sue Chew continues on, providing help to the community and hearing their ideas. She believes both sides are looking for a change. She wants to work together to find wholesome change that will benefit everyone.

So even if you feel like your vote doesn’t matter, working with your local legislators does. The election may be over but change is not. If you’re unhappy with how the national scene turned out, impact change from the local level. Let’s work together to find positive change. The presidential election was not a stopping point; it is a point to move forward from.

Jessica Kunzman is a senior at Centennial High School.