Sue Chew works tirelessly to represent you in the Legislature. She listens to her community and has a proven record of effective public service.

Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus

Sue genuinely cares about the community and she never fails to empower others. I see it when I doorknock with her. I see it when she helps the smallest voices find ways to speak up. I see it when all of the students meet up and are able to create deep friendships through our mutual passions. I can tell Sue loves what she does, and I can see the love she has for our community through all the work she does.

Lindsey Kim, Founder of Positive Change Idaho

Sue Chew brings healthcare expertise to the legislature which is especially important now, as we battle a pandemic like we have never seen in our lifetimes.

AJ Balukoff, Past Boise School Board Chair and Steelheads Owner

How often do you meet someone in the political arena who actually listens? Not simply to what they think you're trying to say, but to what's actually on your mind and in your heart? Sue Chew actually listens, and responds in a way that makes the most sense...not necessarily always how I want her to respond, but in the way that makes the most sense. Sue Chew is 'us'...I wish there were several thousand more Sue Chews.

Mike Wallace, Musician and Idahoan

This democratic republic is about people, about workers and families. Sue Chew has always been about the people. Every bill she has worked on has been for the workers and the families, the people.

Monica Fabbi, Fair Housing Rights Attorney

Sue's dedication to the people is the representation we need.

Brian Bowmaster, Owner of Bowmaster Productions

I know I can depend on Sue to consider the best decisions for Idahoans. I'm proud that she represents District 17.

Priscilla Oja, Retired School Teacher

Since winning her seat as a District 17 Representative in 2006, Rep. Chew has been a invaluable member of the Idaho legislature. Chew’s expertise is in health care, but she also takes the time to understand the litany of issues surrounding conservation including the need to protect our public lands. Chew served during the three years other misguided lawmakers made attempt after attempt to seize lands from the American people. During those public land battles, Chew was steadfast in her opposition. She is the clear choice for re-election.

Idaho Conservation Voters

“Just as every coin has two sides so does every argument. And just as one is able to balance a coin between each side, one should be able to find the middle ground in an argument. This is exactly what Representative Sue Chew is able to do in the State Legislature.”

Roy, a conservative Idaho native and District 17 resident

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with representative Sue Chew over the past few years. She played an important role in health and safety legislation regarding the use of acupuncture needles, helping bring together the two sides of the argument. I can tell you that Sue deeply cares for the community and works diligently. Her work for the community comes first. If there is anyone who is wholeheartedly up for this duty it is Sue.

Stacey Kelsey, Licensed Acupuncturist

I support Sue because a year and a half ago a few us came down to Boise from Sandpoint. We didn’t know anyone in this town. … We put together a meeting … [and] we came together and asked people at a local brewery whether they would be willing to hear our message and maybe even start organizing an event with here in Boise for the first time. Like I said we knew no one. We definitely didn’t know anyone with any power or influence. But fortunately for us Sue Chew was there. She showed up. She heard our message. And she didn’t just stick around to meet us, she stayed after the meeting to organize the event with us. Then once we filed the ballot initiative, once we collected signatures, Sue drove all the way to Soda Springs, Caribou County with us. About as far east as you can go to collect signatures herself in the final stretch of our petition drive. I support Sue Chew and hope that you will to. … Thank you [Sue] for all of your support for Medicaid Expansion.

Luke Mayville, Co-Founder of Reclaim Idaho

This year I had the pleasure of working with Sue on a public safety issue that involved my profession. Sue, along with only a few others, were willing to hear our concerns about a potential legislative change that we felt would pose a danger to the public. Sue not only listened to our concerns, but worked to made sure our voices would be heard. She worked tirelessly to help us to understand the process so we could be involved as the legislation progressed. She spent hours with us coaching on how to speak in a legislative hearing in order to best represent ourselves. The result was that, despite the outcome not being desired, we felt that we had a voice and a chance. Sue truly cares about the people she represents and she truly cares about Idahoans getting the health care and support they need to live full thriving lives.

Gretchen Huettig, Licensed Acupuncturist

I am impressed and encouraged by Sue Chew’s ability to communicate with a variety of individuals about the issues that are important to Idaho. She has the ability to be assertive and stand up for under-represented groups, but do it in a way that people with diverse points of view can hear. Sue’s voice of reason is precisely what we need in the legislature now.

Heidi Reeder, Ph.D - Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Boise State University; 2007 Carnegie Foundation Idaho Professor of the Year

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