Representative Chew is committed to working hard with people in our community on the issues that matter most. Read about her specific policy positions below.


My experience and interest in healthcare have given me the knowledge to understand that affordable healthcare is a necessity for all – not a privilege. Every Idahoan should be given the ability to access quality, affordable healthcare.

While serving on the Health and Welfare Committee in the Idaho Legislature, I have fought to increase efficiency within our healthcare system while reducing costs to individuals. I co-sponsored a bill that would allow the Idaho Prescription Drug Program to serve more of the community while saving an individual’s substantial out-of-pocket expenses. This bill proposed a program to ensure affordable prescription drug coverage.

Let’s work together towards a healthy future.

Minimum Wage

Currently, Idaho has the lowest minimum wage in the country. By raising this wage by 2 dollars, a person working full time earns $4,000 more annually. That increase allows a family to fix a car, replace a washer, and buy more food. This is the best way to stimulate the local economy. One local restaurant owner said that they would only have to increase the cost of a full meal by 35 cents with a $2 minimum wage increase.

Let’s work together to increase minimum wage to obtain the benefits everyone deserves.


As someone who is committed to education, I know firsthand that the future of our community is rooted in the education of our children. I support empowering our teachers with the flexibility to truly educate the next generation. I co-sponsored a plan that allows school districts to save money typically spent on energy costs. This legislation requires new school buildings to be constructed with better energy efficiency. The cost savings captured is used to give our kids the resources they need for success.

Let’s work together and provide our children with the education they need to compete in the job market.


Children begin developing their cognitive skills early in life. Studies show early childhood education is essential for socializing and preparing our kids for their academic careers. At-risk children at our Whitney schools, with their parents that donate 2 hours a week, show how their pilot pre-K program reaps benefits for both parents and their children.

Let’s work together to ensure our children’s educational needs are met early and often.


Overcrowded classrooms affect the quality of education for each individual student as well as the success of teachers. Teachers should be given the ability to work “one on one” with students in order to provide excellent service and help students excel in and out of the classroom.

Let’s work together to reward knowledge – not test scores.

Post–Secondary Education:

A college education should be affordable and accessible to all Idahoans. The cost of tuition in Idaho continues to climb; our graduates and their families are struggling to afford the continuing education they need to compete in the workforce. Lowering fees and increasing access to scholarships are essential components to keeping our community thriving.

Let’s work together to create and maintain a job rich environment so Idaho college graduates stay in Idaho.


Idaho needs to promote and attract healthy competition and growth within our state by providing the best possible resources for businesses to thrive. I will continue to ensure small businesses have a voice in the Idaho Legislature, especially focused on adequate health benefits for themselves, their families, and their employees.

Let’s work together to continue to provide local businesses the resources they need to sustain.


Rising gas prices and increased emissions have a negative impact on working families across the state. While serving in the Idaho Legislature, I co-sponsored a concurrent resolution to increase efficiency within the Department of Environmental Quality and the Office of Energy Resources. This resolution would have placed the development of energy conservation and in-state renewable resources as high priority while creating new jobs. I promote clean energy, so as to benefit Idaho with jobs and economic activities stemming from a new clean-energy economy. I am joining with former Governor Andrus to protect Idaho from illegal imports of nuclear waste that violate our existing agreement with the federal government.

Let’s work together to make our environment livable for today and tomorrow.


While serving in the Idaho Legislature, I galvanized a plan to protect middle-income families from a flat-rate car registration increase to a plan that worked with Idahoan families from all income levels: a sliding scale based on the age of their vehicle. This plan would have saved working families $4.77 million in registration fees. Road congestion and rising gas prices have led to an increased demand for public transportation throughout Idaho. I support local option funding to satisfy growing necessity. I will revisit Idaho’s energy plan at the Legislature to finance public transit and use of low-emission and no-emission cars.

Let’s work together to make commuting efficient and affordable to all Idahoans.